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Our company has addressed all of the countries within the borders of the European Union as a döner manufacturer since 2001

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We have presented Ready Made Döner to the taste of our consumers in Europe as Barla Food B.V. since 2001

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Chicken Doner

We have established ourselves on one specific area and gave all our attention and care to provide the best quality there is on chicken döner for our customers

  • Fresh
  • Premium Quality
    Premium Quality
  • Fast
  • Halal
  • Many types of spices
    Many types of spices
  •  High hygienic standards
    High hygienic standards
About our Popular product

Chicken doner roll

Our chicken meat is being processed with the highest expertise, at first being reshaped and resized to prepare in order to make the döner tastier. You can choose the spices you want.

Usual net weight: 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg until 80 kg

  • Only fresh products
  • Packaged with highest care
  • Certificates
  • Quality analysis
We have been addressing the countries within European Union since 2001






proven quality


High Quality Production Process

  • Hygiene Standards
  • Halal Standards
  • Quality Analysis

We strive for keeping customer satisfaction at the top level notably through our sensitivity towards the types of poultry and spice used in döner manufacturing being halal, our frequent and regular laboratory inspections, and hygiene standards for manufacturing (EG – HACCP).


What our clients say

It was great doing business with Barla food. Their products are of high quality. If you are living anywhere in Europe I would really recommend doing business.

Patric Stone

I just started my business and didn’t know where to buy Chicken doner. Because I value my company so much, my products must be of high quality. I heard about.

Hugo James

First of all the service is flawless. I always get it delivered on time and well packed. You can see that they listen to the customer and try their best to.

Stefanie Rashford
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