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High Quality Production Process

  • Cleanliness Standards
  • Halal Standards
  • Quality Analysis

We strive for keeping customer satisfaction at the top level notably through our sensitivity towards the types of poultry and spice used in döner manufacturing being halal, our frequent and regular laboratory inspections, and hygiene standards for manufacturing (EG – HACCP).

Conformity with the Halal standards all through the production.

We comply with the Halal standards in every step of the procedure and we only use ingredients that has halal certificate to make our products available and trustworthy to all our Muslim customers.

Expertise and quality in the making of the perfect chicken döner.

We have established ourselves on one specific area and gave all our attention and care to provide the best quality there is on chicken döner for our customers.




HACCP hygiene standards

Our standards

We show precision to have the highest hygienic standards in the production. We strictly comply with HACCP hygiene standards and not only following regulations we keep our processes at it’s finest in terms of cleanliness at all times.

Chicken Meat processing

Our chicken meat is being processed with the highest expertise, at first being reshaped and resized to prepare in order to make the döner tastier.

Meat Marinating

Marination is the process where water and different spices comes into the picture to season the döner with great taste. At this step we use different mixture of spices as our customers prefer, with our great range of spices in quality.

Stacking and forming on rotating skewers

Chicken Döner gets stacked on rotating skewers at this step of the procedure. We have a range of weights can be prepared according to the customer’s wishes.
Usual net weight: 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg until 80 kg

5kg to 80kg
All through


Delivery Frozen chicken döners, gets prepared and loaded in appropriate packaging for transportation and get delivered to our customer’s addresses all through Europe.


After the production, all chicken döner is being kept in a frozen storage at -18C to maintain, as this sets the expiration date as at least one year from it.

Labelling and packaging

After chicken döner is marinated and stacked on rotating racks, it gets packaged with highest care of hygiene and gets labeled as occurs in the order.

Freezing in shock chamber

All chicken döner goes to the shock chamber after packaging and labeling. At this stage, freezing the products at -40C ensures them to preserve their freshness and health suitability.

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